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WiFi CCTV 100% Cable Free Camera

Solar WiFi CCTV Camera & SD Card ( no monthly fees).


✅️Discounts available on multiple camera purchases. Email:


️📢 Price includes 1 x WiFi CCTV Camera, 1 x SD Card (no expensive monthly fees), 1 x solar panel, 1 x battery.


🏠🏡 Locate anywhere : Any corner or side of house, farm, shed, garage, communal area, calving/foaling sheds etc.


📢📢100% Cable Free WiFi Camera. Full 1080p HD day and night feed.


📲📡 Free phone app for 24/7 live viewing and recording from anywhere in the world.


📢📢 Built in microphone, loudspeaker and siren to listen in on live feed, speak through the camera or activate loud siren to deter unwanted visitors) all from your smartphone app, from any location.


💸✅ ️No expensive monthly fees that most providers charge (including Ring doorbells) to view recorded footage.


📡👋 Up to 9 x family members can access all cameras live and for free 24/7 from anywhere in Ireland or the world.


☀️🌥🕑  We also supply power cabled version of these cameras (no solar panel or battery required). See our other posts for these models and pricing.

WiFi CCTV 100% Cable Free Camera

€149.00 Regular Price
€129.00Sale Price
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