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Travel Tablet Cases - High Protection

Kids Travel Tablet Cases. Available for all leading tablet brands including Apple iPads, Samsung and Lenovo and many more. Email us at to check availability in your model and size. 

The perfect travel companion to protect your tablet when the kids are using them on flights or in the car. The shoulder/neck strap can also be used in the car to hang the tablet from the headrest so the kids can watch the tablets in the back of the car when travelling. These super protective cases are ideal for restaurants when on holidays or for the aeroplane. The case has a multi angle kick stand that also changes into a selfie photo support. 

The portable shoulder strap allows children to carry the tablet in landscape and portrait mode or hang your tablet in the  kitchen, bedroom, car or aeroplane for convenient usage. The straps can be removed from the tablet at any time also. 

The back kickstand can also be folded out into a viewing stand in landscape position with a 360° swiveling stand that is freely retracted and foldable. Ideal for students, teachers and work sites also. 

Travel Tablet Cases - High Protection

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