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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE | 5G | 128GB
  • New/Sealed. Full 24 Month Warranty.
  • Description of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G 128GB:

    With the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 128GB Black, Samsung really hits the top of the smartphone market, because this is truly a high-end smartphone. You can see that in the beautiful display, the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and the incredibly good camera on the back of the device.

  • Because this is a true high-end device, all the specifications are actually very good. The 6.4-inch AMOLED display has a 120Hz refresh rate so all your content looks great, and the phone is IPIP68 rated and waterproof. This variant has 128GB of storage space and 6GB of RAM.

    Battery that can last a whole day

  • A powerful battery is what this Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 128GB Black has. The battery in this mobile phone has more than 4000mAh! This means you won't have to charge your device for a day, at least. Extra handy if you often forget to charge your phone.


    Wireless charging

    The back of this device is made of plastic, this feels good and fingerprints are less noticeable on the back. Nowadays, almost everything can be done wirelessly, including charging your phone. The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 128GB Black also features wireless charging.

    Can handle everything

  • This flagship model of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 128GB Black has a processor that can do everything. This gives you a smartphone that will last for years. Thanks to three cameras on the back, you have a lot of possibilities when you want to take a photo with the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 128GB 


    Good camera

    The most important camera of all is, of course, the main lens! This 12-camera shoots fine photos in most circumstances, which you can post on social media. There is also a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor and an 8-megapixel telephoto sensor on the back to support it.

    Paying in-store has never been easier:

    Paying in-store has never been easier. Thanks to the integrated NFC chip, you can pay in-store with your smartphone easily and quickly. Invest in the future by buying a 5G-ready phone now! This will allow you to benefit from all the advantages that 5G will bring.


Samsung Galaxy S21 FE | 5G | 128GB

  • Brand Samsung
    Model name S21 FE
    Wireless carrier Unlocked for All Carriers
    OS Android 12.0
    Cellular technology 5G
    Memory storage capacity 6 GB
    Connectivity technologies Bluetooth, USB, NFC, WLAN
    Colour Lavender
    Screen size 6.4 Inches
    Wireless network technology GSM, LTE
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