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Kids Smart Watch GPS & Video Calls
  • 1.3" Face - Live HD Video Calling & GPS Tracking. With the Family Chat feature you can stay connected with your kids at all times. This feature enables parents and kids to enjoy face to face conversations at any time. With a 2MP camera parents can see their kids in full HD.
  • With built in GPS you can locate your child easily and at any time - just open the App on your phone, find the navigation function and see your child's location in real time. When your child wears  the watch you can also monitor your child’s movement status through the App in real time.
  • IPX8 certified: with its water resistant material this watch enables kids to use the watch while withstanding splashes, rain water, tap water or when washing hands etc. 
  • Class Mode & Stranger Rejection - exclude disturbances for kids when needed: Parents can set the class mode and stranger rejection feature. Children can concentrate on study at school without unexpected disturbances or distractions.  
  • Features: Alarm Clock, Stops Watch, Steps Counter, Video Calling **Sim card required**, Camera, GPS Location and many more smart features. 

Kids Smart Watch GPS & Video Calls

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