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Kids Smart Watch & HD Camera

26 Interlligent Puzzle Games:

Unlock even more fun with 26 puzzle games designed to train your child's hand-eye coordination and improve sound and object recognition. We know that kids love to play, but we also believe that playtime can be a valuable learning experience. Our watche feature interactive games whether they're racing against the clock or solving puzzles, our watche keep kids engaged and entertained.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Our Dual Display Modes:

Analog and Digital Clock Faces on one Smartwatch. Easily Switch Between Classic Watch Hands and Digital Readouts. 



Time Functions:

This kids watch includes a timer, stopwatch and alarm clock function. Set daily alarms on the watch to teach your child the importance of waking up on time and getting ready for school. Children can learn to use the watch as a reliable timekeeper and scheduling tool.  Help your child learn time management skills and encourage healthy habits and independence, making your mornings less hectic and your child's day more productive.


MP3 Music Player and HD Camera:

Built-in music player function. Parents can easily upload their child's favorite songs or audio books( MP3 format ) onto the watch for on-the-go entertainment (just connect the computer with the USB charging cable and copy the mp3 files to the "My Music" folder).

With High-Quality Speakers, your child can enjoy clear and crisp sound without a separate Music Player. Encourage Your Child's Interest in Music and Literature.

Equipped with selfie HD camera functions the high-resolution screen displays every photo and video with astonishing clarity and detail. Additionally, the watch comes with 10 fun stickers built-in, allowing children to decorate their photos. Whether it's taking pictures with friends or recording their adventures, this watch will provide endless entertainment and fun for kids!.


Kids Smart Watch & HD Camera

€99.99 Regular Price
€79.99Sale Price
    • Designed with a durable aluminum frame the watch combines learning and has a HD Camera, 26 puzzle games, 35 Wallpapers, MP3 Music player, pedometer, flashlight, voice recorder, parental control, silent mode, volume/brightness adjustment, stopwatch, calculator, calendar.

    • Habits Tracking & Pedometer

      This Kids Smartwatch has 13 Alarm modes such as get up, brush your teeth, go to school, sports, reading, go to bed etc.Let your child develop good living habits and time concept. In addition,the pedometer will automatically record your kid's daily steps and calories.
    • 26 Puzzle Games & Parental Control

      This smartwatch for kids  has built-in 26 puzzle games, multiple types of games are more playable and suitable for children of multiple ages,which can effectively train children's logical thinking, reaction and hand-eye coordination.

      1.5" IPS HD touch screen, it's easier to operate for kids. As well,Parents can through "Parental Control" control the game time to prevent addiction.

    • HD Stickers Camera & Music Player

      HD camera and pop big head sticker shooting feature, allowing children to take hilarious photos with family and friends, capture record every wonderful moment in their lives.In addition, you can connect this kids watch to the computer via USB to transfer kids favorite music.

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