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Garmin Dash Cam Mini Key-Sized Dash Camera

Garmin Mini Dash Cam is one of the smallest dash cameras on the market but has all the same amazing features standard larger Dash Cams. If you dont want a dash cam that looks messy on your windscreen or dash or that stands out and may entice car thieves this is the dash cam for you.

Features + Spec:

At just 5.3 x 3.1 cm's in size the dash cam is barely visible in your car. 

Full 1080p HD recording. Tiny and reliable this dash camera automatically records incidents in amazing high definition.

Reduce annual car insurance costs (insurance provider dependant) and prevent fraud that may drive up your annual premiums.

Car key-sized dash camera goes virtually unnoticed on your windscreen.

 140-degree wide-angle lens captures 1080p HD footage.

Automatically records and saves video of incidents.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity uploads saved footage to your compatible smartphone.

Dash Cam Auto Sync enables you to control and play back footage from up to four cameras on your smartphone using your phone app.

SD card slot makes transferring footage from car to laptop very easy. You can also download footage direct to your smart phone via the free phone app.

Save €20 on our 64gb Samsung SD Card when purchased with the dash cam. 

Garmin Dash Cam Mini Key-Sized Dash Camera

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