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Apple iPhone 15 Pro 128GB

Apple has once again managed to really differentiate its Pro models from the normal range. They have a significantly better camera, the latest and fastest processor and a better display. This makes the iPhone 15 Pro one of the best devices at the moment.


Like every year, the camera of the iPhone 15 Pro models is significantly better than that of the regular iPhone 15. The iPhone 15 Pro also takes great photos in low light. Besides the main lens, you also have an ultra-wide-angle lens that lets you take the best pictures when you're close to something. As icing on the cake, the iPhone 15 Pro features a periscope camera. This is a camera that lets you zoom in very far with little loss of quality.

Premium design with titanium body:

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro is no longer made of stainless steel or aluminium. In fact, the more expensive Pro models have a titanium body. Not only is this material relatively hard and strong, it also has the advantage of being less likely to scratch.

USB-C port:

Apple is saying goodbye to the lightning port with the iPhone 15 Pro. It will be replaced by a USB-C connection. The USB-C connection is used in almost all mobile phones. This connection has more features than the old lightning connection and can also charge faster.

A17 chip:

The A17 chip is based on a 3nm process. The smaller the chip, the faster, more efficient and more powerful it is. This is a big advance on current Apple chips that use a 5nm process.

Better battery life:

The iPhone 15 Pro again gets a larger battery, which means a big increase in battery life. You can easily use this device for more than a day. When the battery does drain, you can recharge it in no time.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro 128GB

  • Type SIM card Nano SIM
      Warranty 2 year


    Dual SIM type Stand-by
      Material back Glass
      Dust intrusion protection Dust tight (IP-6X)
      Waterproofness Continuous immersion (IP-X8)
      Material back Glass
      Dust intrusion protection Dust tight (IP-6X)

    Continuous immersion (IP-X8)



    Weight 187 grams
      Operating system iOS
      Operating system version 17
      Dimensions height 146.6 mm
      Dimensions width 70.6 mm
      Dimensions depth 8.25 mm


    • Graphics processing unit Apple A17 Pro
        Processor Apple A17 Pro
        Number of processor cores Octa-core
    • Memory
        Storage size 128000 MB
        RAM 6144 MB
    • Quick charging  
        Wireless charging  
        Wireless charging type QI
    • Connections
    • What's In The Box
        USB cable  
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