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360 Swivel & Telescopic Car Cradle

360° rotatable ball joint to position your phone horizontally or vertically giving you a more comfortable and safer driving experience.

Telescopic extendable and retractable arm so you can position your handset within touching distance and to read the screen with ease regardless of the design of the cars dashboard or distance to windscreen.

Automatic locking system allows you to lock or release your phone with just one hand. Simply press the release buttons on the side to remove the device. Squeeze the clamp arms on both sides to lock the device again.

The holder uses superior double suction cups along with high temperature resistant gel which prevents the cradle from falling off in extreme cold or hot weather conditions.

The cradle has the option of a stable vent clip or strong suction cup that can be attached to the dashboard, windshield or vents.


360 Swivel & Telescopic Car Cradle

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